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Tapping into the Power of the Moment


Wild and vast terrain can humble and ground even the wildest soul. When we adventure through nature's raw elements it takes us on an emotional rollercoaster.  Strong winds, snow and fog move your spirit as you work your way towards the top of the mountain peak, collecting moment after moment. Riding waves formed by wind storms in the far distance while being kissed by the sun and baptized by the salt water. This creates a deep and sacred bond- in that moment, at the end of the day and for the forever future. It leaves a song in our heart that  we can feel the beat of the rest of our lives. 


The hike up the mountain becomes as important as the ride down. The paddle out to the line up is as full of presence as the waves you catch.


I still can’t quite put in to words what I’ve taken away from this week. Meeting incredible inspiring women, in a spectacular location, skiing and surfing surrounded by the best views and nature, international friends made, interesting and relevant workshops and new meditation and breathwork practices and techniques (taught in a really accessible everyday way!). Kjersti and Chanelle bring a buzz and energy to everything they do and it was such a pleasure to get to spend a week with them, ride with them and learn from their experience.


The Lofoten islands are a special place and the perfect backdrop for the PRSNT women’s splitboarding retreat. You meet incredible snow loving women who encourage and cheer you on as you climb and descend down the magical mountains. One of my favorite things about the retreats is the nightly "Magical Moments" where you get to hear from each individual what their days highlight was. Great experience.


The energy that was harnessed that weekend - is still there for me - still as powerful - as grand - and as awe-inspiring as when we all sat together with one hand hovering over and under our sisters hands on each side of us... that moment in our circle, when we shared our hearts gratitudes... was when (for me) the tribe united! And there it began - the eternal bond!


Joining this retreat is the best investment I´ve done in a long time. An investment in myself and our future. This has been a turning point for me, where I really have learned to #BPRSNT, and realize what truly matters. Kjersti and Chanelle has giving me lots of new energy to continue this amazing life I have ahead of me!


The benefits of attending the #PRSNT camp extend well beyond the weekend activities. Being immersed in the positive energy that Chanelle and Kjersti create is truly amazing. I went for the snowboarding (which was RAD), but left with a new sense of connectedness- to myself, to the other women who attended, and to the world. The experience is one that will stay with me for life.

Flex | Colorado Retreat

Today was an awesome day with yoga, snowboarding, great food and great snowboarders. We learned how to ACTUALLY feel our bodies, and the best thing was that we got to be 100% ourselves - weird and in a good way!

Renate, Frida, Christel


Our experiences sell out fast! 

If your heart is calling you here, we suggest you secure your spot in advance and do a little dance.



Come explore the mountains and draw your own lines. Surf the ocean and feel in flow. Let nature be your canvas. 


Immerse yourself in nature's wild playgrounds. Tap deeper into the healing frequency of the earth. Allow the forces of nature to move you and move through you.


PRSNTness is a tool that is sharpened with practice, where all moving parts matter and are divinely intentional. Honing into the moment with as much consciousness you can grab, will give you the most juice out of life. 


Local, sustainable, and culturally inspired cuisine. We aim to provide organic, high-quality plant-dense meals, fresh whole foods, and local proteins. Expect nutritious meals at all our retreats and experiences. *Can accommodate most dietary restrictions


Gathering wild women from around the world fun adventures and personal growth. Something special happens when people of different cultures come together in a powerful nature-infused experience. We laugh, cry, dance, breathe, climb mountains, surf, learn, and play all day. An international electric field of high vibes!


Breath is essential to life, we prefer to use it to thrive, not survive. Most people don't know how to access their full breathing potential, nor use it as a tool to down-regulate, up-regulate and manage life's daily stressors. We will dive into daily breath-work, exposing you to different techniques, to add to your toolbox for life.

Our BREATH is the control panel of our NERVOUS SYSTEM

PRSNT workshops and 1:1's will be an opportunity to measure your respiratory markers and build a unique program toward your health targets.  CO2 tolerance, heart rate variability, mechanical diaphragm assessment, Autonomic Nervous System function, general heart health, and more.  Learn to increase your CO2 tolerance, focus, sports + work performance, and treat acute/chronic stress, asthma, sleep apnea, and many other ailments.  *must consult your primary doctor, before starting your personalized breathwork program, to rule out major cardiac dysfunction, pregnancy, etc. 


We are professional snowboarders and full-time weirdos hailing from opposite sides of the world (Norway + California). We both love to challenge ourselves physically and mentally. As traveling nomads for over 20 + years, we have discovered "out of this world" locations for our retreats. 

X Games Medalist | Certified Yogi & Meditation Teacher + Breathwork Guide

Chanelle Sladics

X Games medalist Chanelle Sladics defied the odd’s by becoming one of the worlds best snowboarders, originating from sunny beachs of California. Global citizen, living on the road since 98' and continues to gather a worldwide perspectives on sports, business and market trends. 

X Games Medalist | Certified 200 HR Yoga & Meditation Teacher + Breathwork Guide | Wilderness First Responder |  Permaculture Design Certified | Climate + Ocean Activist | POW Riders Alliance | Co-Founder of Simply Straws an award-winning BCorp 


4 x Olympian Snowboarder & Olympic Bronze Medalist | Meditation Certified Teacher + Breathwork Guide | Bachelor Sports Science

Kjersti Østgaard Buaas

Norway's 4x Olympian, Medalist, with over 30+ international podiums. One of the longest-standing careers in women snowboard history. Global citizen, living on the road since 1998 and continues to gather a worldwide perspective on sports, business and market trends 

4 x Olympian Snowboarder & Olympic Bronze Medalist | 200 Hour Meditation Certified Teacher + Breathwork Guide | Bachelor Sports Science | Wilderness First Responder | Permaculture Design Certified | POW Riders Alliance



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Creating experiences is an art


A central goal for PRSNT Adventure Retreats is to inspire women to spend more time in the elemental outdoors, developing a deeper connection to nature, to each other, and to themselves.

We have a feeling that Lofoten and it´s dramatic landscape will have that extra edge that will give you the adventure you are seeking in your soul...