1-4 Workshops per Series

Virtual or Nature Setting



Mental training for athletes, corporate leaders, adventurous souls, artists, creative minds, and those seeking to strengthen their minds.  Moms, dads, youth, kiddos, and everyone in between. 


Many people exercise physically — which is great! — but I often find mental aspects are forgotten or under-prioritized in the process. The truth is, mental training is just as valuable and important.

I like to look at mental training as mental fitness. You strengthen, endure, and get more balanced and flexible mentally. It's like pull-ups for your brain, squats for your nervous system, surfing, summit hikes, and snowboarding for your body and soul.



Inspired by adventure, nature, the PRSNT moment & creativity. My name is Kjersti Buaas and I am 4x Olympian and Olympic Medalist in Snowboarding. I am a Olympic mental coach, have 200-hour Meditation teacher training certification and a Bachelor in Sports Science. And not to forget to mention, I have had the honor of guiding David Beckham in Breathwork on a mountain Peak. 

As a professional athlete, I have been blessed to learn about the body and mind from some of the best trainers and coaches in the world. Along the way, I made sure to pay close attention and ask a ton of questions from these professionals so I could better understand the way we humans work. After years and years of exploring and deep-diving into the field of the body-mind connection, immersing myself in breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness courses and workshops, and completing a bachelor in sports science, I feel confident to share my best physical and mental exercises and tools with you.

Breathwork. Meditation. Focus Training. Visualization. Mindfulness. All POWERFUL TOOLS that I have used to reach the highest level in professional sports. I am using these tools daily in every aspect of my life, from coping with stress, sleeping deeper, learning new skills and sports, being more PRSNT and enjoying life more. 


I believe that we are much more likely to be successful when we are enjoying the game of life in a free and liberating way. That is why I make sure that everything I do always has a touch of playfulness, including teaching meditation and mindfulness. 



Kjersti is a great mentor, a truly kind human, and an inspirational teacher.  Kjersti has a contagious and boundless passion to live life to its fullest potential in the present moment, and she works hard to help as many people as she can along the way.  I have learnt so much more than meditation from Kjersti, she has had a profoundly positive impact on how I see, and live my life. 


I had got to a point in life, where I was buckling at the knees from the weight of holding my family up, while also trying to process my own grief.  Kjersti helped me let go of all the things beyond my control, she taught me several new, and incredibly effective meditations, and really helping me bring my focus back into the present moment. 


Everyday now starts and ends with a 20 minute meditation learnt from Kjersti, during the day I use her nose breathing and movement meditations, I am also exercising everyday, and get great joy from finishing each workout with Kjersti’s signature exercise called The Bug!  I have not felt this calm, happy and present in a long time, and I owe this to Kjersti’s.  



Are you looking to elevate your athletic performance, channel more creativity, improve you business skills or do you just want to get "better at life"? When we are #BPRSNT we can connect with our selfs on a much deeper level. The reason for this is that the body always lives in that PRSNT "state of mind”


Its really easy. Purchase a package or a single session and you are ready to book. I use an app called calendy, so make booking a session seamless.

You dont need any fancy prequalification skills. Together we will take one step at the time and allow for you to be your self, be fully present and enjoy these sessions. Meditation is supposed to be a pleasurable experience. 

Yes. There are so many great techniques and ways to meditate out there, something for everyone. What are you waiting for :)