Through the eyes of: camper Anna Maria Lindgren aka Mountain


I started snowboarding 4 years ago, and it was love at first sight. My body screams of joy when I'm standing sideways, and I often think about snowboarding as if it is my therapy too. In the last seasons snowboarding has become a job too, since I teach other people how to snowboard. I love doing this, I feel like I'm spreading joy! But I felt my personal progression stopped, and I got really frustrated because I felt like I was stuck. I wished for a possibility of development, but nothing happened for many months. My body wasn't doing good either. I got injured and needed surgery. I got better, but injuries left me with chronic pain. I didn't know how to handle this, and the pain and the frustration transformed me in a wreck. My physician told me yoga and meditation could help me to live with pain and to accept my situation. Until one year ago I didn't know so much about yoga, I heard stories from friends, but I never thought it was something for me. Well, I was desperate and I tried. Slowly but surely I started to be better, I discovered so many things about myself and my body I had no idea about. The pain from my injuries is not really gone, but I'm (still) learning how to live with it. I became more and more interested in yoga and meditation, and I did a lot of internet research... and this is when I started to follow you girls, especially you Winter Flower. I followed your adventures and your experiences, and I become so inspired! You girls are a role model for me, and when I read about the snowboard camp in Trondheim I couldn't believe my eyes! I so wanted to come, but my rational mind tricked me into thinking about all the difficulties in the way. I had an upcoming exam in college, I had to drive 5 hours alone over the mountains, and I didn't know about accommodations. Luckily my husband thinks way easier than me, he told me everything would go just fine, and he bought me a spot in the camp.

The very day of the camp, as you know, I was getting lost, literally and spiritually in a way. But when I managed to get to the mountain, I was greeted with a big hug and love and positive vibes... I found my way again! I loved everything about the camp, I just wish we had a longer day. It was wonderful to start the day with yoga, and it would have been great to have a small session at the end of the day too, perhaps with yin yoga :) I learned a lot about nutrition too, and it's very important for me since I have type 1 diabetes. The food was so good! I really enjoyed the sessions out in the slopes as well, I felt challenged (in a positive way) and I learned a lot. Out on the snow I started to get to know the other girls too, and that was fantastic. We shared experiences and encouraged each other into try new things. Everyone was friendly and open-minded, the atmosphere was so positive! The park session was fun, and here I found a challenge I need to work on in the future.