SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIES With Kjersti Buaas + Chanelle Sladics



Being a professional athlete requires you to be on top of your health, both physically and mentally. You are constantly on the move, traveling from one competition to another and training hard which builds up lactic acid in the body. If you get sick or injured, you simply can’t perform and what’s fun about sitting on the the sidelines? It’s not only professional athletes that need their health to perform, all humans benefit from energy, clarity, flexibility and strength.

It is human nature to thrive, so how do we find that health and vitality? Lets start with food, because you are what you eat!

Even though we both grew up on opposite sides of the globe (California and Norway), neither of us knew much about the benefits of eating fresh, plant-based food — the word organic and superfood didn’t even exist in our vocabularies. As we both bloomed into professional snowboarders, most sports nutritionists told us to make sure we had enough protein, fat and carbs in our diets, but nobody spoke about the differences between eating conventional versus organic or raw versus cooked food, nor was the word “superfood” ever even mentioned. Many nutritionists — especially back then — overlook the source of the nutrients our body seeks to thrive! The food system has dramatically changed over the past 50 years and contaminated plants, seeds and animals play a large role in the diseases, poor health and mood swings that many of us suffer from. Being a four time Olympian, I (Kjersti) have seen firsthand that the athletes are being fed things like fast food, fried chicken and sugar-laden sodas, all foods that eventually create an acidic environment in our bodies and disable us from performing at our peak. Looking back, I was often sick or had a stuffy nose and was constantly running on low energy. To my surprise I was still able to achieve so much, yet I was nowhere near my potential. I am confident that the food I eat and the lifestyle I live today is the biggest reason I can still fly over 75-foot jumps at 33 years young.

Chanelle had some outside influences teaching and guiding her and she passed that education onto me.  Food documentaries are a great way to dive in! We both love Food Matter, Food Inc. and Hungry for Change, to name a few.  Once we discovered the power of food and its ability to elevate our performance and lives we started to dig deeper, educating ourselves, growing our own food or sourcing it as local and as fresh as possible. Using food as our medicine and always reading our food labels,  we developed a deep connection and passion for food and health and our lives have never been the same!

So what does “eating healthy” really mean? 

We like to say that healthy eating is conscious eating. Knowing the value and benefits of organic, local farming, the power of “raw food” and how best to give our body the nutrients it needs to recover from our daily activities and thrive! Learning that the way we eat matters for us, the planet, and future generations. Cutting down on eating meat makes for a more balanced eco system inside and outside our bodies. By supporting organic farming we keep the harmful chemicals out of the air, the soil, the water, and our bodies as there are no hidden toxins to run from, not to mention how delicious food is again? Have you noticed how conventional tomatoes just taste like water? Nutrients = flavor. Support organic, support local, its a win win! Before we dive into some of our favorite daily superfood smoothies, here is taste of what we talked about:


  • Raw food (118”F and below) = living food = more nutrients. At that 119”F and above the natural enzymes in food are completely destroyed. Enzymes are essential, especially for digestion.


  • Test your body’s PH level, it’s likely you are not alkaline enough, an acidic body attracts sickness like a magnet. Stress, artificial sweeteners, carbonated soft drinks, coffee, meat, fish poultry, eggs, grains, and legumes (and more) create acid in the body. If you are looking to seek alkaline food options, here are some leads: Lemons, leafy greens, fruits, most living unprocessed food.  

Combine all ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend until smooth. Serve immediately.

Let the “Green Goddess” awake you from your morning drowsiness and open up to shine throughout the day. Packed with superfoods like chia seeds, hemp seeds and spirulina, this smoothie will hit the spot. The fresh strawberries and unfiltered apple juice provides for a smooth, semi-sweet taste. A great asset to boosting your alkalinity and balancing your PH. 

This smoothie can be used both as an energy and mood booster or for wellbeing rejuvenation after a training session. The maca root is known to help balance our hormones, especially our adrenals which are commonly overused in sports, high performing jobs, and stressful situations. Packed with antioxidants from raw cacao and purple berries, this smoothie gives your body a highly resistant environment towards free radicals. Attention: You might just fall a little in LOVE after consumption as it tastes like heaven.


Photographed by Luke Gottlieb

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