PRSNT Goes To Catalina Island With Xanadu


In order to keep growing we need to be learning. We can seek inspiration from sources within ourselves but it's also important to get inspiration from sources outside ourselves. Last weekend we jumped onboard for an adventure of self discovery to Catalina Island with our friends.

A conscious group of leaders aiming to create positive community through experiences of wellness, education and green living. Gatherings like these pave the way and set an example for how you can party with a higher purpose. 

"I cannot get enough of good, sober, loving, authentic, creative, playful vibes! Thank you Xanadu for creating a space for us to get weird and have an epic weekend in Catalina! It was awesome dancing my heart out at the silent disco under the stars on the beach and connecting at the campfire sharing from the soul"

— Chanelle Sladics

Arts and crafts was an important tool to stimulate our creativity and ability to be in a PRSNT state of mind

One of the first things we did when we arrived was to make our own camp name tag through arts and crafts.

Because one of the aims for the Xanadu gathering on Catalina Island was to create a safe environment for adults to play, get lost and let go of their comfort zone, without any drugs or alcohol. That's why this weekend was fully stacked with fun games and play shops combined with intimate circles of trust and compassion. On Saturday night there  is a talent show where you can perform if you like and people practice a judgement free zone, so no worries regarding whether your talent is good or bad. You immerse yourself into the arts and into creativity, which opens up for possibilities to connect with people in a very authentic way. And the best ting, you are on island time (no time 😉)

Weird in costumes was "the normal" on this adventure. All kinds of walks of life were present.We loved getting to dress up in our thrift store one pieces.

We also loved the yoga, especially getting our morning BLINDFOLDED yoga time in on the beach. Not being able to see provides gratitude for what we have and challenges our senses and balance so much. 

Free diving, kayaking, stand up paddling, silent disco dance on the beach under the stars, bow and arrow and dream catcher play-shop. Acro yoga, Mind lab with goal setting speakeasy and a full on scavenger hunt including creating a team float out of scrap materials, was just a few of the activities provided this weekend. We found the bow and arrow play-shop very captivating and primal.

"Embracing life to the fullest reminding ourselves how much nature constantly inspires us! We are all creatures of the divine, perfectly imperfect. Let judgement go and open up space for the infinite possibilities that nature & the universe provides us, everyday"

— Kjersti Buaas

Yummy food created with intention and love was such a treat and not to mention co-Founder of Xanadu, Heidi, providing beautiful face art.

“We don’t try, we Xanadu!

— Founders Heidi and Ryan

Thank you for having us Xanadu - to find out more please visit

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