The Biggest Wellness Events On The Planet.



PRSNT was invited alongside 250 other thought leaders to one of the biggest wellness events on the planet. The main focus topic was how to reverse climate change with our food systems leading the way.

We were honored to receive an invite to Mind Body Green’s prestigious annual event called #REVITALIZE, an exclusive health & wellness event hosted by one of the largest online health & wellness platforms in the world. Three days 250 thought leaders gather with 1 mission. We hit the road to the Arizona desert to expand our knowledge and look at new approaches to optimize our health even more. 

At Revitalize there were fascinating classes, invigorating lectures, and critical information about reversing climate change to save the planet! We are so excited to take this information forward with me us my life and we are excited to share with you.


We arrived with high expectations as we knew we would be immersed with top medical doctors, athletes, yoga, meditation and spiritual teachers, journalist, chefs, and business owners, in addition to many other thought leaders of various fields.

A huge intention of MBG is to create opportunities for attendees to intermingle and connect through a series of wellness experiences like yoga, meditation, live music, breathwork, ceremony and of course food!

Each activity was back to back, so we were ecstatic to stuff our daypack with the essentials we would need to stay fueled. Included: my 3L water gator, Navitas Organics, Matcha Tea in our Simply Straws mugs and straw. We leaned on hydrating with Navitas Organics new focus blend to keep us clear and energized. The blend has our favorites all in one place: Maca, Matcha, Yerba Mate, Mushrooms, Ashwagandha.

We are total learning nerds, so we practically ran from workshop to workshop to squeeze in as many opportunities and experiences as we could. The world class teachers and world class vibes, kept us buzzing from class to class. 


The classes we prioritized were: Yoga, Meditation and Ceremony with Shaman Durek. Each class was individually taught, but we were happy to clock in our daily yoga, meditation and breathwork with some of the leading teachers in the world.


Saturday was a live event watched by millions around the world, with us in the audience.  Each talk unique in its own and relevant to our times, took us closer towards progression in mutual fields.  A cocktail of keynotes, panels, and Q & A, kept each talk fresh and exciting.  Topics spanned from reversing Climate Change, to preventing disease, gut health, using social media for greater good, balancing work, health, happiness, lifestyle and sooooo much more. Here is a link to the content" style="color: rgb(31, 37, 38); word-wrap: break-word;">


Paul Hawken, executive director Project Drawdown, introduced a comprehensive plan to reverse climate change in the next 30 years. His talk spoke most deeply to me, as the causes and effects of climate change affect every aspect of our lives and future here on earth. It brought us to tears of joy multiple times, as we felt for the first time someone is actually organizing a truly scalable solution for this ever-daunting challenge. 


We would like to note Drawdown is a living project, with alterations being made day to day, as new solutions and technologies become available. Project Drawdown is the first effort to measure and project the collective impact of a broad range of solutions if implemented at scale! Rather than focusing on a single solution or sector of solutions, Drawdown has done the math on what humanity is capable of achieving with the broad range of tools already in use around the globe. These are the people who have done the work to assemble these solutions:

Researchers, scientists, graduate students, PhDs, post-docs, policy makers, business leaders and activists banding together to present the best available information on climate solutions in order to describe their beneficial financial, social and environmental impact over the next thirty years.


We have been awakening to our damaged food systems for the past 10 years. It has become very attractive to us to understand how we can sustainably grow nutrient dense food and how we could scale that effort sustainably at a commercial level.



#3 Reduced Food Waste 70.53 Gigaton  (Atmospheric CO2-EQ Reduction) N/A Billion in Savings

Producing uneaten food squanders resources and generates 8 percent of emissions. Interventions can reduce waste at key points, as food moves from farm to fork.

#4 Plant-Rich Diet 66.11 Gigaton  (Atmospheric CO2-EQ Reduction) N/A Billion in Savings

Meat-centric diets come with a steep climate price tag: one-fifth of global emissions. Plant-rich diets dramatically reduce emissions and rates of chronic disease.

#9 Silvopasture 31.19 Gigaton  (Atmospheric CO2-EQ Reduction) $699.37 Billion in Savings

Silvopasture is an ancient practice, integrating trees and pasture into a single system for raising livestock. It sequesters carbon while improving animal health and productivity.

#11 Regenerative Agriculture 23.15 Gigaton  (Atmospheric CO2-EQ Reduction) $1,928.10 Billion in Savings

The practices of regenerative agriculture increase carbon-rich soil organic matter. Enhancing and sustaining the health of the soil sequesters carbon and improves productivity.

#14 Tropical Staple Trees 20.19 Gigaton  (Atmospheric CO2-EQ Reduction)  $626.97 Billion in Savings

Tropical staple trees provide important foods, such as bananas and avocado. Compared to annual crops, they have similar yields but higher rates of carbon sequestration. 

#16 Conservation Agriculture 17.35 Gigaton  (Atmospheric CO2-EQ Reduction)  $2,119.07 Billion in Savings

Conservation agriculture avoids tilling and employs cover crops and crop rotation. By protecting the soil, it makes land more resilient and sequesters carbon.

#17 Tree Intercropping 17.20 Gigaton  (Atmospheric CO2-EQ Reduction)  $22.10 Billion in Savings

Like all regenerative land-use practices, tree intercropping—intermingling trees and crops—increases the carbon content of the soil and productivity of the land.

#19 Managed Grazing 16.34 Gigaton  (Atmospheric CO2-EQ Reduction)  $735.27 Billion in Savings

Managed grazing imitates the activity of migratory herds to improve soil health, carbon sequestration, water retention, and forage productivity.


Marine Permaculture

Marine permaculture utilizes floating, latticed structures designed to grow rich kelp forests and foster marine life. It could sequester billions of tons of carbon dioxide.


A Cow Walks Onto A Beach- Feed Cow Seaweed

Asparagopsis taxiformis, a species of seaweed, shows promise for reducing methane emissions from livestock—currently 4 to 5 percent of annual greenhouse gas emissions.


You can watch" style="color: rgb(31, 37, 38); word-wrap: break-word;">Paul Hawen’s talk here


Project Drawdown’s initiatives improve lives, create jobs, restore the environment, enhance security, generate resilience, and advance human health. So we would have no regrets in implementing these solutions immediately as they have intrinsic benefits to our communities and economies. (Facts & info collected from" style="color: rgb(31, 37, 38); word-wrap: break-word;">


Paul Hawken was awarded a lifetime achievement award for Project Drawdown. I am looking forward to educating myself more and doing my best to share his organization's solutions.  


We hope your heart is singing the same harmonies of hope as ours after an inspiring weekend with Mind Body Green.  Lets rock out these solutions together. Take on what is closest in reach for you. Find your place of passion in these issues and pursue them relentlessly. Vote with your purchases for the future you want, now.  Choose brands you can believe in, B Corporations (beneficial corporations) committed to organic practices and nutrient dense food are changing our food industry. We were truly honored and humbled to meet so many committed humans, brands, entrepreneurs, journalists, innovators, musicians, artists and so many more who are driving us into the possibilities of the future. #livelifepositive