14 year young goes to PRSNT retreat


Words by camper "Fast" 

Chanelle and I met about five years ago at my home mountain Winter Park Resort. I had attended the Oakley Progression Sessions and she was my coach. After that camp I had thought to myself that Chanelle was probably the coolest person who had ever set foot on earth. But, I wasn't to sure if Chanelle and I would ever see each other again. One day after school my dad picked me up from the bus and told me he signed me up for some camp called BPRSNT.

When he told me the news I wasn't quite sure what he was getting me into this time. I figured it would be the same as any other camp that I had been to. The camp blew me away, it was the complete opposite of what I had expected. During the fast two days of my experience at the BPRSNT camp I learned things that not only changed my perspective on life, but my view on how I should love and respect who I am as an individual. I left this camp not wanting to go home. It was as if I was in a completely different world with only loving, respectful humans and nothing else mattered. Every day I woke up receiving amazing positive energy from Chanelle and Kjersti, I ate the most delicious meals, learned yoga, went out and shredded with the raddest girls, came home and had the most touching conversations that made me view myself and others in a much different way than I had before the camp.Since camp, I have been so inspired to cook myself homemade organic meals, set goals for myself, and give gratitude towards my life and the people surrounding me. I am so grateful I was able to go to this life changing event that will stay with me for the rest of my life.