Its called living in the PRSNT


The PRSNT TRIBE FB group has been my ROCK to continue living in the PRSNT over the past (2 MONTHS!?) since our gathering of the vibes.

The energy that was harnessed that weekend - is still there for me - still as powerful - as grand - and as awe-inspiring as when we all sat together with one hand hovering over and under our sisters hands on each side of us... that moment in our circle, when we shared our hearts gratitudes... was when (for me) the tribe united! And there it began - the eternal bond!

The very act of spending the weekend honoring the awesomeness in each other - and cultivating this appreciation for all that we were, are, and will be... and settling that amazing awareness and appreciation in our hearts. I feel forever changed and grateful to have this gem of an experience in my chest, forever accessible.

I’d like to share a little about my experience from that weekend & how it changed things for me...

For me, through this coming of the tribe, my perspective shifted and I developed a greater capacity in my heart for love, patience, & most importantly GRATITUDE.

After sometime apart, I can see clearly how this shift is a gift, from all of you and I feel very grateful for the experience we shared. Thank you to each and everyone of you for being vulnerable and real in the short time we had together, it made the difference! I hope you can continue bring this authenticity and vulnerability to all that you do in your daily lives!

I used to think that what I was feeling or experiencing wasn’t important to anyone other than myself... and by sharing, it would be feeding the ego or some sort of self-importance. So I would refrain from having strong opinions or from sharing without solicitation. I simply didn’t think others would benefit from knowing what I was feeling or experiencing. Also, there was a part of me that believed it was BAD to feel so much, and I didn’t want to appear as “too emotional” or “emotionally-needy.” So I would hide or worse try to not feel all-together. I was interested in pursuing a life where I did’t have to experience all the ups & downs that came so naturally to me. The shift in me now - from the experience of sharing our gratitude for what we were, are, and will be - for hororing all of that - and all of each other - all at once - helped me realize that we are amazing and all on the “right path.” It was THE ENERGENTIC FEELING, THE WISDOM, THE DIVINE that we tapped into... during that circle, that helped me realize the bliss that exists in our all of our lives, that we can tap into ANYTIME we want. I realized what I am feeling is the best assurance for what is going on in the world within me & around me. Sharing gratitude for this awareness is the key to settling during the ups & downs, and to access this BLISS that we created that day.

When we PRACTICE expressing gratitude - we experience bliss - and our hearts smile and fill. When our hearts are full, it is easy to listen and hear its desires. Through expressing gratitude (daily) I am able to hear my heart louder than ever. I am so thankful that YOU taught me this PRACTICE of expressing gratitude (regularly). Each of you showed me HOW to do it, by doing it yourselves... I now - two months later - know the importance of this practice. Its called living in the PRSNT <3

— Frey (Camp Name) | Colorado Camper