Embracing Life To The Fullest At The Top Of Half Dome


We made it to the cables at 10 am, after a quick hike from Little Yosemite. We found some worn gloves at the base of the cables that people had left behind. We highly recommend using gloves, as you get a much better grip on the cables up. It's quite steep and can be slippery on the rock. 

The hike up the cables takes anywhere from 10-20 min, depending on how comfortable you are with these kind of climbs and how many people there are

Get To The Cables Early In Order To Beat The Crowds. It gets quite crowded by the time everyone from the valley makes it up there. Be There Before 10am and you should be dialed. If You Are Hiking From The Valley Floor That Means Starting Your Hike Around 5am as it's 8.2 miles to the top.


  • You need a PERMIT to hike Half Dome 
  • Bring a headlamp 
  • Bring an airhorn 
  • Layer so you can shed
  • Bring gloves if you have to clim the cables
  • Calculate 4 L of water per person for day hikes from the valley floor to Half Dome 
  • Get to the cables before 10 am to beat the crowd
  • Bring plenty of snacks with you
  • Bring water filter if you are over night camping 
  • Cable climb takes about 15 min

Embracing Life To The Fullest At The Top Of Half Dome

Taking it all in on the way down via the John Muir Trail. Calculate about 4 hours from the top of Half Dome to the Valley Floor