Rubber bands come in many different lengths and resistance. They are lightweight and convenient to bring on the road. The exercises below encourages you to engage your shoulder blades and gives you great stability challenge in the extended positions. As professional athletes and snowboarders, we are faced with everything from shoulder injuries to back pain from hard landings. We find it extremely important to combine more heavy strengt training with more light weight exercises that focuses on alignment.

PHOTOS BY: Nikol Herec

Move arm from start position to end position. Pinch shoulder blades in both positions. Do 10 reps and repeat with other arm.

Arms should be extended out in front of you in a "V" shape. Pinch shoulder blades in both positions. Make sure your elbows DON NOT extended behind your head.

Go as slow as needed in order to pinch shoulder blades in all positions. Keep your amor close to your body. Go only as far as you feel in control. Pay attending to your shoulder blades not "hiking" up.

Extend your arms in front of you. Pinch shoulder blades in both positions. Do 10 reps.

By pinching your shoulder blades in all the positions you train the rhomboideus muscles and the lower part of trapezius, which is good for the posture. These exercises can also help if you struggle with "winging" a muscular imbalance.